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Pim Tijburg

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I had the pleasure to work with Pim during my time at Shire and Takeda. Pim and I were both parts of the broader Access community, and our cross-country collaboration has always been a great example of how to best create and use synergies even across country borders. Pim is extremely experienced with strong analytical skills, access knowledge, and a pleasant character that I always enjoyed spending time with. 

I have worked for years with Pim Tijburg and know him as a manager who takes good care of his team members and makes you feel involved and appreciated. Pim also has a high level of strategic insight and political intelligence while still being very knowledgeable at a more detailed level. I have enjoyed working with Pim; he is an excellent people manager.

My experience working with Pim is that he is a very knowledgeable, scientifically skilled person who understands the healthcare environment and dynamics. A real people leader who stands close to the business and is always willing to help look for the right opportunities and solutions: bridge builder, authentic, team player, strong IQ as well as EQ. I experienced Pim as a solid contributor and enjoyed working with him very much.